• Getting a "Secure Rip" (a perfect/high-quality mp3 rip of a CD) on a Mac

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a perfect CD rip on my mac. The problem in a nutshell is that ripping CDs is “unreliable”, in other words, it is impossible to be sure when you rip a CD that you have the correct digital data. How good a copy you get depends on your drive and the software you use.

  • BarCampWaterloo (November 2008 Edition) roundup

    Yet another BarCamp in Waterloo came and went. Phun. Saturday we talked about Windows 7, what’s the best platform for mobile development, and a wide ranging debate on programming languages. Learned more about Haskell. A little bit. Was possibly only person to have heard of Scala or Groovy. Wild. Also there were other discussions too, including a nice chat I had with Ali A. (missed a presentation for that one).

  • BlackBerry storm clicks, I like it.

    One of my biggest dislikes with touch-screen devices is the total lack of tactile feedback. There are other things I don’t like about them, but that’s a biggy. So when I played around with the BB Storm’s clickable screen. I liked it. I only played with the browser, which was competent, actually quite good, and very close to as good as the iPhone. So I can’t provide an overall review of the Storm. But the clicking, that’s good.

  • Thank god

    That’s all I have to say.

  • Vuze (Azureus) search template for The Pirate Bay (TPB)

    Vuze provides a built-in search function to make it easier to find bittorrent files that you want to download. And, it’s extensible, so you can add new search “templates” for torrent sites beyond the ones that they support by default.

  • Good advice from Futurama

    Futurama, possibly one of the best TV shows ever made, say some people. And full of good advice for every day situations too.

  • A bit of torrent

    This week on A bit of torrent

  • Apple are idiots

    I just tried to open my old XCode project for FractalTrees X in XCode. No dice – XCode doesn’t even recognize the “pbproj” extension any more, and that’s only from 2002… Then I try to open my NIB at least? And it’s totally toast. Nothing. Won’t open. Won’t upgrade in ibtool. Nothing.

  • How to program a computer, for children ... II

    A while ago I wrote “How to program a computer, for children”. I was actually inspired by Ming’s efforts along the same lines. I just read it and decided to take a slightly different tack, doing it all with math (since programming is all math anyway).

  • My Sharp Aquos TV runs linux

    I was reading the manual for my HDTV (I know, who the hell does that?) when I noticed a GPL license notice and acknowledgment for among other things, “linux kernel”. Wild.