• Spotlight does Math (but not conversions)

    Mac OS X has Spotlight (Cmd-Space) which rocks for not just finding files but launching applications (just start typing the name). I just discovered it also does math, just like google. For example, try typing in 5*9+pow(sqrt(10),3) . Nifty.

  • Ruby on Rails Feed/RSS Aggregator (35 lines)

    I wrote myself a feed aggregator for my front page. And… voila! I’m finally satisfied with it to post it.

  • New version of FractalTrees X (FTX) 2 beta 1

    So after something on the order of 4 years I’ve finally upgraded my FTX program that draws fractal trees in 2 dimensions. I’ll update the program’s home page later, but in the mean time, here’s the download link, with source code included.

  • Yummy FTP for Mac OS X: still good, still ignored

    Yummy FTP is a great Mac FTP program with side-by-side browsing, sychronization, remote editing, etc. I’m not a huge fan of the icon but other than that it’s great.

  • Atheists most discriminated against group in the USA

    Hard to believe… But so says wikipedia. I wonder why this doesn’t come up more often. Would being “outed” as an atheist be as bad as being “outed” as gay or muslim or . . . whatever?

  • Facebook are idiots

    In my email:

  • Mesh networking 5 years later

    The last time I blogged about mesh networks was 5 years ago (almost exactly!). I was pretty pumped about the possibilities in those days – like the idea of creating a 2nd internet using mesh protocols, routing from house to house using WiFi, circumventing ISPs…. hey, it’s still a cool idea, and maybe even possible still, especially with the excess capacity that we have with e.g. 802.11n. Latency would probably be pretty high..

  • Getting a "Secure Rip" (a perfect/high-quality mp3 rip of a CD) on a Mac

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a perfect CD rip on my mac. The problem in a nutshell is that ripping CDs is “unreliable”, in other words, it is impossible to be sure when you rip a CD that you have the correct digital data. How good a copy you get depends on your drive and the software you use.

  • BarCampWaterloo (November 2008 Edition) roundup

    Yet another BarCamp in Waterloo came and went. Phun. Saturday we talked about Windows 7, what’s the best platform for mobile development, and a wide ranging debate on programming languages. Learned more about Haskell. A little bit. Was possibly only person to have heard of Scala or Groovy. Wild. Also there were other discussions too, including a nice chat I had with Ali A. (missed a presentation for that one).

  • BlackBerry storm clicks, I like it.

    One of my biggest dislikes with touch-screen devices is the total lack of tactile feedback. There are other things I don’t like about them, but that’s a biggy. So when I played around with the BB Storm’s clickable screen. I liked it. I only played with the browser, which was competent, actually quite good, and very close to as good as the iPhone. So I can’t provide an overall review of the Storm. But the clicking, that’s good.