• How to make samba on ubuntu use your unix passwords

    You need something called “password sync” … obvious right?

  • Incredible Hulk easter egg: Nick Fury letter

    So there I was, watching the Incredible Hulk titles again in slow-motion, because I’m always curious as to what the special effects people write into the various fake news stories and computer graphics. Sometimes it’s funny. And I came across this little easter egg which seems to have been missed by fans on the net.

  • Why do people on eHarmony close with "I am pursuing another relationship"?

    I have a theory about this one. Because they can easily go to Matching and turn it off temporarily. But I think that some people leave it on, because they want the ego boost, even though they’re going to shut down the match anyway.

  • How to do rails tests when running with restful_authentication

    The Restful Authentication plugin seems to be the standard right now, although I’m staring to wish I’d tried something else, maybe AuthLogic… because restful_authentication is kind of poorly documented. One serious error of ommission is how the hell do you update your tests so that you can run them on controllers that require a logged in user? Well, I have had the pain, and so you can have the quick answer, here it is.

  • Don't use porn in your slides at a tech conference

    So Merb developer Matt Aimonetti made a presentation at GoGaRoCu heavily laden with soft-core pornography and some people got upset. In particular, a woman got upset – Sarah Allen. It didn’t help that she was one of only six women at a 200 person conference. Holy shit!

  • sudo apachectl stop && sudo apt-get remove apache2 && sudo apt-get install nginx

    I binned apache finally on It was easy. A little bit of “this is really the last straw” frustration with mod_rewrite and I ditched it.

  • Intelligent humour

    Intelligent online cartoons:

  • How to really URL encode an NSString in Objective-C, iPhone, etc.

    Trying to encode URL parameters on Mac or iPhone? Frustrated because NSString stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding encodes non-URL characters but leaves the reserved characters (like slash / and ampersand &) alone? “Apparently” this is a “bug” apple is aware of, but they haven’t done anything about it yet, and so, here is a solution that actually works.

  • trusted user status on Daily Kos

    Well, apparently I’ve achieved the vaunted and much-desired “trusted user” status on DKos. That means I can rate people down, as opposed to just up. I’m probably not going to do it much, just like I rarely troll rated people when I had privs on SlashDot (back when /. was interesting…)

  • The better way to code error-handling routines

    There’s an excellent guide to Rails 2 that I’m reading through right now, but I don’t like this bit: